Who can apply for ANATEL homologation?

I – the manufacturer of the product for telecommunications;
II – the commercial representative of a foreign legal entity; and
III – any natural or legal person, when for own use (without right to commercialization).


Important notes:

§1º The request for the homologation of certificates of conformity or declarations of conformity can only be made by a natural person with full civil capacity and residing in the Country, or a legal entity constituted under Brazilian law, so that, in any case, responsible for the product for telecommunications in the national territory.
* Refers to product warranty, maintenance and supply of spare parts according to the legislation in force in the country (ANATEL and PROCON).

§2º Products for telecommunications whose manufacturing process is carried out in national territory by legal entity constituted under Brazilian laws may not be homologated by third parties, even if they comply with the provisions of this article and have express authorization from the manufacturer.

§3º Once the certification is approved, the rights deriving from its ownership may be assigned or shared with third parties, in compliance with the provisions of these Regulations.
Note: This Post is based on the guidelines that appear in Public Consultation 33, whose content can still be modified.

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