Inmetro Certification

We meet the compulsory and voluntary certifications of INMETRO, ensuring the adequacy of products and services to the national rules and standards of quality.

Household Appliances and similar

We perform the certification of all products included in INMETRO / MDIC No. 371, of December 29, 2009.

LED lamps

The certification of LED lamps became mandatory in February 2016, based on INMETRO / MDIC No. 144 of 13 March 2015. We are now ready to serve our customers in this new scope.

General Plan for Quality Goal of Pay-Tv Services – PGMQ – ANATEL

Resolution # 411 of July 14, 2005 Anatel sets out the goals to be met by the providers of Pay-Tv services. The certificate issued by MASTER ensures that these goals were achieved.

Understand how our certification processes work for Household Appliances and similar and LED Lamps:











PAY-TV Services: