What Products Require Anatel Homologation in Brazil?

The list of telecommunication equipment required to undergo homologation in Brazil is very specific, to the point where players in this industry should be looking closely at the categories and requirements their products fit in. In this article we will highlight the criteria for homologation by Anatel and which products are and are not required…Read More

Homologação de Equipamentos de Fibra Óptica

Artigo publicado em parceria com: Equipamentos de fibra óptica são elementos essenciais para redes de alta velocidade e esses tipos de equipamentos precisam ser homologados pela Agência Nacional de Telecomunicações, Anatel, para serem usados no Brasil. Neste artigo, abordaremos os requisitos básicos para a aprovação deste tipo de equipamento para utilização no país.   Equipamentos…Read More

Who can apply for ANATEL homologation?

I – the manufacturer of the product for telecommunications; II – the commercial representative of a foreign legal entity; and III – any natural or legal person, when for own use (without right to commercialization).   Important notes: §1º The request for the homologation of certificates of conformity or declarations of conformity can only be…Read More

Lampadas Led

Certification of LED Lamps in Brazil

Article delivered in partnership with:  “LED lamps are required to undergo certification procedures established by INMETRO in order to be allowed to be commercialized in Brazil. In this article we provide a summary of the INMETRO certification process for LED lamps.” Read more

Homologation of NFC Equipment in Brazil

Article delivered in partnership with:  “NFC equipment is required to be homologated by Anatel in order to be allowed to be commercialised in Brazil. In this article we describe the Anatel homologation procedure for NFC equipment.” Read more


Master, with your constantly commitment to become one of the best Certification body of the country, made an important adjustment in your Certification process that resulted in the reaching of the goals demanded to the OCDs by ANATEL. “It is with a big pleasure that we share this great news. We will continue with all our…Read More